May 19, 2024

CBD gummies sold at are great for individuals looking to get their daily CBD dose. CBD is a compound from the cannabis plant, which is known for its strong, skunky odor. However, if you’ll want to use CBD, the last thing you’ll want is to get a funny smell afterward. So, does CBD oil smell? In this article, we’ll talk about the CBD oil smell and taste. 

What Does CBD Smell Like?

CBD oil has a fruity, earthy, and woody smell which is similar to raw cannabis flowers. CBD offers these different combinations of smells because of the terpenes found within it. Terpenes are aromatic compounds that give each plant a unique smell. Each strain of CBD has a unique terpene profile. The result is the difference in smell. Terpenes are important in the smell of CBD. CBD flowers smell like cannabis because they share a similar amount of terpenes.

Another important factor that determines the smell of CBD is its chemical composition.  Low-quality CBD contains various chemical additives that lead to an unpleasant and unnatural smell. However high-quality CBD will have a natural smell with some containing flavors to improve CBD taste. Some high-quality CBD oils contain MCT oil, which is extracted from coconut oil. CBD oil which contains MCT will therefore smell and taste like coconut oil.

What Does Hemp Smell Like?

Hemp and marijuana are so similar in the smell that it’s practically difficult to distinguish between both plants. Hemp, however, smells slightly less pungent and skunky than marijuana. While hemp may smell exactly like marijuana, they don’t share the same psychoactive effects since legal hemp contains less than 0.3% THC.

The smell of hemp is noticeable to someone with a sensitive nose from a distance when placed in an unsealed bag. Smoking hemp also produces a strong smell that is very pungent in nature. This smell stays on the body for long in almost the same way marijuana does.

What Does CBD Oil Taste Like?

There are many types of CBD oil available in the market. Different kinds of CBD oil have unique tastes due to additional and ingredients. The taste of CBD oil is grassy or nutty with hints of bitterness. This bitter CBD taste is similar to consuming dark chocolate. While this is the natural taste of CBD, some people may become annoyed ingesting bitter-flavored CBD oil. This is easily resolvable by consuming flavored CBD oil. Flavored CBD oils are available in flavors such as mint, candy, citrus, and more. Furthermore, you can mix it with yogurt or a smoothie to mask the bitter taste. 

What Color Is CBD Oil?

The color of CBD oil can vary widely on several factors including the type of hemp extract, carrier oil used, extraction method, additional ingredients, and more. CBD oil comes in colors including, pink, brown, black, or gold. There is no advantage between the different colors of CBD oil. For the most part, CBD oil that is completely clear and colorless is considered an isolate or broad-spectrum CBD product that uses coconut MCT oil as the carrier oil. CBD oil which is dark green, or brown is considered full-spectrum CBD oil. Always check the CBD oil label to know the type of CBD you are purchasing.

Bottom Line

CBD oil smell is quite similar to the earthy and “skunk-like” smell of weed. But it varies depending on the strain, and different terpenes present in that particular strain of CBD. If you want a more subtle aroma, choosing a CBD tincture by link will be best since they contain extra terpenes and beneficial compounds.