May 19, 2024

The Bangladeshi women’s national cricket team competed in their very first international match against Thailand in July of 2007. They were victorious in all three of those contests. The women’s team from Bangladesh won their first game on the international level, a victory against Thailand, before competing in and ultimately taking first place in the 2007 ACC Women’s tournament. 

The success that Bangladesh had in qualifying for the 2011 Women’s Cricket World Cup at the one-day international (ODI) level prompted the country to be promoted to the next level of competition in the one-day international (ODI) format. They will be able to participate at a high level for the very first time in a women’s international tournament since Bangladesh’s female cricketers won them a berth in the 2014 ICC Women’s World Twenty-20. This will be the first time they have had the opportunity to compete at such a high level. According to the news regarding women’s cricket world cup live score, the ACC Women’s Asia Cup was ultimately taken home by the women’s cricket team from Bangladesh after they prevailed over their competitors.

  1. Shamima Sultana –

Shamima was part of the team from Bangladesh that took part in the competition in June 2018. In 2018, Sultana won the Women’s Twenty20 Asia Cup. This was the first time in her long and successful professional career that she was given a trophy. Sultana joined the Bangladesh team that went to the ICC Women’s World Twenty20 Qualifying event the same year she was chosen for the team. This contest happened in 2018.

  1. Ayasha Rahman –

The Bangladeshi women’s cricket squad was led by her in the 2018 ICC Women’s World Twenty20 Qualifier. She has more runs than anybody else with 89. The tournament’s first five games have been completed. The International Cricket Council identified Rahman as a potential emerging star for the Bangladeshi women’s cricket team as a result of her performance in the tournament.

  1. Jahanara Alam  –

Alam plays magnificent cricket and because of her amazing cricketing skills she is a part of the Bangladeshi women’s national cricket team. Alam hits the ball with her right hand and bowls at speeds that range from medium-quick to fast. In addition, she uses her right hand to bowl. Alam was a part of the cricket team that won the silver medal at the 2010 Asian Games, which were held in Guangzhou, China. China was the other team in the race for the silver medal.

  1. Mosammat Ritu Moni –

Moni is one of the best female cricket players in Bangladesh, and she is also an important part of the Bangladeshi women’s national cricket team. Moni’s right hand smashes the ball and their right arm bowls at a speed that is considered average. Moni uses her right arm to bowl. Ritu was born on February 5, 1993, in the city of Bogra, Bangladesh. Her birthday is February 5.

  1. Lata Mondal –

As a member of the women’s national cricket team for Bangladesh, she acts as a representative for the country on the world stage. Mondal hits the ball with her right hand, which is different from most of the other batswomen. In January 2022, the cricket qualifying event for the Commonwealth Games took place in Malaysia. Mondal had been chosen to represent Bangladesh in the event. Bangladesh hosted the 2022 Commonwealth Games.

  1. Salma Khatun –

Khatun plays a number of different positions on the Bangladeshi women’s national cricket team. Khatun is a dynamic player who uses her right arm to hit and bowl off-breaks in the bowling alley. Khatun was the captain of the Bangladeshi women’s cricket team, and many people think she was one of the best players in the game’s history. 

  1. Sharmin Akhter Supta –

Akhter became the first player in the history of Bangladesh Women’s Cricket to score a century in a one-day international after Sharmin hit 130 runs in 141 balls as an opener to help her team reach 322-5 at the end of their allotted overs in their second World Cup qualifying game against the USA. At the end of their overs, Akhter’s team was at 322-5. Akhter also set a new record by becoming the first player in Bangladeshi women’s cricket history to hit 11 boundaries.

  1. Nigar Sultana  –

Nigar is the captain and leader of the Bangladeshi women’s team. Nigar played her first game for India in a Twenty20 International game against Pakistan. This was Nigar’s first time meeting people from other countries. India was the place where the event took place. Nigar was chosen to play for Bangladesh at the ICC Women’s Twenty20 World Cup in January 2020 in Australia. That is the year when the tournament was supposed to happen. Nigar was the best hitter on the team because she scored 114 runs in just four games. She was the only player to do this.

  1. Rumana Ahmed –

She is a member of the Bangladeshi women’s cricket team and helps the team both with hitting and bowling. Rumana is a very versatile cricket player because she can bat with her right hand and throw a leg break with her right arm. Rumana played in her first One-Day International (ODI) match for the first time on November 26, 2011, against the women’s national team of Ireland. Rumana’s best game was when she was bowling against India and finished with a stat line of 4/20.

  1. Fargana Hoque –

Fargana played in her first One-Day International match against the Irish women’s national team in November 2011. Fargana’s first match with the Twenty20 International team was in August 2012, when they played the Irish women’s national team. She was the first person from her country to compete at this level. The Bangladeshi women’s national team won the 2018 Women’s Twenty-20 Asia Cup, making them the first team from Bangladesh to ever win the Women’s Asia Cup. Fargana was an important part of the winning team and made a big difference in how well the group did.