May 19, 2024

Despite the defeat in the World Cup finals, the French team was warmly (and even with pomp) welcomed at home. It seems that victory in the previous World Cup, coupled with a strong performance in Qatar, covers any reproach to the current team.

However, all is not so calm inside the squad. To start with, it is not yet clear whether Didier Deschamps will extend his contract with the French federation (he has been asked to do so personally by the country’s president Emmanuel Macron). From the outside it seems that the coach fully and completely deserves the right to continue. But at the same time, there are rumors that Zinedine Zidane, who has long dreamed of this post, is waiting for an offer from the French soccer federation.

Coaching is a key issue in Karim Benzema’s international career. When Didier Deschamps called up the Real Madrid forward for Euro 2020, it seemed like former misunderstandings were a thing of the past. But, apparently, the history of the conflict between the national team coach and the current Ballon d’Or winner has taken a new turn. As you remember, Benzema was injured at the French team’s training session shortly before the start of the World Cup. It was said that Karim should recover for the final and help the team in the decisive match, but the striker was not in the application, and he posted a post with the ambiguous signature “I do not care”.

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It is telling that Benzema played in a friendly for Real Madrid against Leganes three days before the final, and the Madrid medical staff cleared him for the full game with no complaints about his health. It is rumored that Karim had no intention of leaving the national team after his injury, but Deschamps hinted at his need to do so. According to L’Equipe, Didier took advantage of the moment, as he didn’t really want Karim in the team. The coach was unhappy that Benzema did not thank him in his speech after winning the Ballon d’Or. And from a tactical point of view Didier preferred to see Olivier Giroud at the tip. Not surprisingly, shortly after the World Cup Benzema announced the end of his career in the national team. However, it is written that he will probably return if Zidane replaces Deschamps at the helm.

The French team had an excellent tournament and was one step away from defending the championship title. But the team has a number of unresolved issues that could have a negative impact on its further development. However, for the time being, it is likely that Deschamps will extend his contract with the federation and retain carte blanche to manage the national team.