May 19, 2024

Major life changes are not only emotionally tolling but can be demanding financially too. Be it moving to a new city, arranging your wedding or bringing home a new member, these big life events need huge financing. With an instant loan, you can easily take care of these expenses without straining your savings.

Though you might have saved up for these big events, there is always a possibility of needing extra financing for unanticipated costs. Also, spending all your savings to the last penny is never a good idea. A personal loan is best suited to help you navigate through these major life transformations. 

As the name suggests, an instant loan is a quick financing option that allows you to raise funding as and when required to fulfil a wide range of monetary needs. These loans are offered by many financial institutions with no collateral and zero restrictions to end-use. 

Read on to discover the benefits of using a personal loan for a major life change.

Top Benefits of Using a Personal Advance for a Major Life Change

Today, availing a personal loan is easier than ever before. All you need to do is download the best loan app, calculate your loan amount, check your interest rate and EMI affordability and apply for the loan in a few clicks. You can also visit any lender’s website and apply for an instant loan online without having to visit the lender physically. 

The eligibility criteria are easy to fulfil and the documentation requirement is also minimal. In addition to this, the interest rates charged on personal loans are much more affordable as compared to other financing options.

Here is a detailed explanation of the benefits of using a personal loan for major life changes:

  1. Financing without any risk to personal assets

Instant loans are collateral-free financing options. This eases the entire process of availing a loan and increases the spectrum of borrowers who can avail a loan. This is very beneficial for people who do not have any valuable assets to pledge as collateral or those who do not want to put their assets at risk. It also reduces the amount of paperwork needed for the loan.

  1. Funding of high value available as a personal loan

Personal loans are available as advances of high-financing value, which makes them suitable for meeting big-ticket expenses with ease. Be it a wedding or higher education or delivering a baby, the expenses can be very high. When availing an instant loan from a reputed loan app, you can easily raise funding of up to Rs.2 lakh. It can be even higher depending on your choice of lender. However, you must meet their minimum eligibility requirements to avail the funding.

  1. You can meet time-sensitive expenses with instant financing

Fulfilling your life goals can also come with time-sensitive financing needs. For instance, you need to meet the financing gap of your child’s higher education or you are falling short of finances to take care of your last-minute wedding preparations. In these situations, you would need financing within a short duration. In such scenarios, an instant loan serves just right as eligible candidates can get them approved within a few minutes, with the disbursement of the advance following shortly.

  1. The loan is affordable with attractive rates and charges

Another reason why these loans are increasingly popular is the affordably. With increasing competition in the lending market among financial institutions, you can easily get a loan with a competitive rate of interest. To make the loans further economical, lenders also see to it that other fees and charges are levied at low rates for better accommodation in the financial capacities of borrowers across income segments.

  1. You can choose from a flexible repayment schedule

These loans come with a flexible schedule for repayment. It means that you get to choose from a wide spectrum of repayment tenure and customise the repayment schedule as per their financial standing. This helps meet the loan liability with ease over time while helping defer the repayments to an extended duration in the future.


While going through a major life change, you must consider the financial aspects first. Always create a budget for the expenses and keep a certain amount as a cushion for unanticipated expenses. In case, your savings do not fit your budget, you can consider an instant loan.

An instant loan has become quite popular for fulfilling financing needs in time and with ease. Make sure to compare different lenders in the market before selecting the one you would like to apply with. Check out the loan apps too for better interest rates and faster loan approvals. Also, sketch a proper repayment plan before applying for a loan.