May 19, 2024

You must make an effort to style yourself when you are going on a date. You cannot just waltz into the dining area and wear the first shirt that you see in your wardrobe. You have to style yourself so that you can make a great impression of yourself in front of your date. You want your date to love the way you look, the way you dress, and the way you carry yourself. Before you go on your date, you must stop your tracks for now, wear your prescription sunglasses for men, and read this to get tips and suggestions on how to style yourself before a date.

How Can You Style Yourself For Your Date

Be masculine

If you want to please your date, you must look the part. A woman wants to see a man throughout the whole date. Your style must be masculine. From the clothes that you wear and the shoes that you have to the perfume that you chose should exude your manliness. You must have masculine looks so that you will look attractive to your date.

 You can do this by choosing black, gray, or white on your first date. You can explore more colors in the next ones, but for now, you should wear plain colors for your shirt, suit, and pants. You can retain your mustache and beard if they look manly enough for you. These little details will help you style yourself better for your date. 

Be well-groomed

It always pays to be clean. You must have clean and well-ironed clothes on your date. You must wash yourself from head to toe. You must also clean your face, nose, and ears as well as other body parts so that you will look good and smell good as well. If you want to keep your mustache and beard, you must use a grooming kit to cut off and trim unnecessary hair on your face. Make sure to check yourself in the mirror multiple times to ensure that really look squeaky clean.

Look smart 

You can always reflect your personality in what you wear. If you are going on a date, you can wear smartly and even look smart through the clothes that you have and the accessories that you choose. You may opt for casual wear with a balance between fitted shirts and relaxed trousers. You can also wear prescription sunglasses for men so that you will not only see better but also protect your eyes in the process. Choose the items that will highlight your features like your face and physique.

Get a haircut

You should never forget to get a haircut when you have a date. But do not have it a day before the date. You should have a haircut at least a week before your scheduled meet-up. A haircut will look great once it has settled after a few days.

Barbers also help in trimming your facial hair. Make sure to instruct your barber on what to do with your mustache and beard. 


If you will be on a date, you must look at yourself in the mirror and make the necessary changes so that you will make a good impression. Whether you are wearing prescription sunglasses for men or you are going out with just your plain self, you must still think of ways to style yourself and find the right look for you. You must evaluate yourself from head to toe and see which aspects of your appearance need some tweaks. Follow the tips listed above and have confidence as you converse with your date. And also, do not forget to have fun.