May 19, 2024

Google TV is the new kid in the block in the streaming devices market. You can install applications, stream movies, and play your favorite games with Google TV. From kids to elders, this is a true entertainment hub. 

Although it is similar to Android TV, Google TV has several additional features. You can watch Google TV by logging in with your Google account if you have Chromecast with Google TV or an Android smartphone with a Google TV app. If you wonder how much is Google TV per month, it depends on the services you want to access. For instance, you can access cable channels and live TV via your YouTube subscription for $65 a month. Otherwise, you can watch via services like Disney+, Hulu, and Netflix. 

All new users of Google TV will significantly benefit from going through this guide of tips and tricks. So, continue reading to improve your streaming experience instantly. 

Use Play Store to Find the Right Streaming App 

Similar to Roku and Firestick, Google TV has an app store called Play Store. Here, you can find the different streaming apps and install them on your Google TV. 

However, there’s no shortcut for the Play Store. Instead, to open the Play Store, you can use Google Assistant. 

Turn on Screensaver 

You can turn on screensaver mode whenever your device is idle. You will find some default images on Google TV that can be used as a screensaver. You can even personalize these images according to your preferences. You can use your personal photos as a screensaver or download pictures from the web. 

If you wish to get images from Google Photos, the Art Gallery, or Experimental, you must turn on the Ambient mode under Settings > click System > set Ambient mode. 

Save Energy 

If you want to save energy, Google TV has an energy saver option. This will help you save energy by switching off the display when idle. In addition, a timer is available, and you can set it from fifteen minutes to twenty-four hours. 

As soon as you turn on this feature, Google TV will consume less power. You can do this by going to Settings > System > Energy Saver > Turn off display > select your preferred time. 

Personalize the Home Screen 

Google TV’s interface is intuitive, allowing users to personalize their home screen. For example, you can keep your favorite games and applications in the center or front. 

Google TV will recommend smart and popular apps, but you can turn off the recommendations if they’re too distracting. 

Control and Customize Casting 

It is easy to cast content from iOS, PC, and Android to Google TV. However, it can be a disadvantage if everyone using the network starts to cast. You can control this using the Casting Control feature to manage and customize who can cast on your device. 

To use this feature, head to Settings > System > Cast > select your preferred option. 

Create a Watchlist 

You can add all your favorite TV shows and movies to the watchlist on Google TV and easily stream them at any time. You will find all the watchlist content under the Library section. You can add the movies to the watchlist by choosing the movies and then clicking the Enter or Select button on the Google TV remote. 

When you get the Add Watchlist option, click on it, and the content will be added to your watchlist. 

Enable the Apps-Only Mode 

The Apps-Only mode is one of the sought-after hacks in Google TV. You can enable this mode by going to Settings > clicking Accounts & Sign In > clicking Turn on the Apps-Only mode. 

As soon as this mode is enabled, Google TV will not allow Google’s cards and banners that are installed from the Play Store. 

Use Dolby Digital 

The sound effects can be personalized on Google TV. You can use Dolby Digital or Dolby Digital Plus. For this, head to Settings > Display & Sound > click Advanced Sound Effect > choose Surround Sound format > click Manual > choose Sound Profile options. 

Listen to Podcasts 

If you are a podcast lover, you will love that Google TV offers Play Google Podcasts. You can use it on your smartphone to listen to podcasts on Google TV. First, you need to press the Google Assistant button and say the name of the podcast you wish to listen to. It will immediately start to play. 

Transfer Files Wirelessly 

You can quickly share files on Google TV without a glitch. You can send or share files to the TV application through the wireless file transfer feature. You do not need to use a USB drive. Ensure you are connected to the same Wi-Fi network when performing this action. 

The Bottom Line 

These Google TV hacks will help to enhance your streaming experience and take it to the next level.