May 19, 2024

How about partying in cinematic style for movie birthday party for example? Or rather: have a movie party. Did you think it was cool? The cinema party is super fun and extremely versatile, not to mention that there’s no way not to fall in love with the theme since everyone on this planet has at least one film in their hearts.

So, settle down in your armchair and check with us on how to throw a movie party worthy of an Oscar.


Speaking of colors, the movie party cannot fail to have a very special palette. Generally, black, red, and yellow predominate in this decoration, especially when the cinema theme is approached broadly. But if the idea is to have a movie party with a more specific theme, then it’s interesting to use the colors of the movie or the genre represented. Keep this palette throughout the party, from the decor to the delicacies served. The cake, invitation, and party favor must follow this color palette.


Movie party decor can vary greatly depending on the chosen sub-theme. But let’s assume you want a very traditional cinema party. In this case, the tip is to take possession of objects that refer to the seventh art, such as cameras, clapboards, director’s chairs, spotlights, posters, stars, film rolls, and queue organizers, among other items. Also, invest in a panel where guests can pose for photos and have fun. You can even offer costumes, glasses, masks, and other accessories to get everyone into the party even more.


The cinema party should have a menu matching the party’s sub-theme and size. It is worth betting on hand food, such as pizza, popcorn, hot dogs, and other varied snacks for simple and intimate celebrations. But dinner is the best option if the intention is to hold a glamorous party. For starters, serve canapés and other appetizers that are as beautiful as they are delicious. Drinking mixed drinks that match the party’s theme are the best option.

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The attraction of every party is the cake. For the cinema party, the tip is to bet on cakes with a breathtaking effects. A good option is caked with floors, grandiose and luxurious. It is worth betting on fondant coverage to create original and surprising details. In order not to weigh too much on the budget, consider the possibility of using a fake cake.


And at the end, don’t forget to offer your guests souvenirs from the movie party. Candy bags or popcorn buckets with mini soft drinks are a great suggestion.