May 19, 2024

Maxi dresses are some of the most popular dress styles out there and for good reason. They’re easy to wear, flattering on all body types, and can be dressed up or down for any occasion. In this guide, we’re going to give you all the information you need before you put a maxi dress in your shopping cart. from fabric type to fit tips, we’ll have everything covered. So read on and start planning your next summer gal party dress!

What is a Maxi Dress?

When it comes to maxi dresses, there are a few things you need to know before buying one. First and foremost, make sure the maxi dress you’re eyeing is the right style for you. There are several different types of maxi dresses, like strapless or sheath. Once you know the style you want, you can start looking for the right fit. A maxi dress should fit loosely around your waist and hips; if it’s too tight or restricted, it won’t be as flattering on your body. You can also try going in small so that the dress fits perfectly, rather than relying on alterations. One last thing to keep in mind when shopping for a maxi dress is fabric. The type of fabric will affect how comfortable the dress is to wear and how much it will wrinkle. Anyone can wear a maxi dress, which is perfect for summertime. A maxi dress is easy to style and you don’t have to spend much time selecting the perfect accessories to complete the look.

Types of Maxi Dresses

There are different types of maxi dresses, and each one comes with its own set of features and benefits. Here’s a breakdown of the most popular types of maxi dresses:

Ballgown Maxi Dresses: These are the mother of all maxi dresses! Ballgown maxi dresses are floor-length, semi or fully-fitted, and typically have a high neckline and long skirt. They’re perfect for special occasions or formal events where you want to look your best. 

Sweetheart Maxi Dresses: Sweetheart maxi dresses are similar to ballgown maxi dresses in terms of design, but they feature a lower neckline and longer hemline. They can be slightly more fitted than ballgown maxis, but still offer plenty of room for movement. 

Strapless Maxi Dresses: A strapless maxi dress is perfect if you want something that will flatter every body type. Strapless dresses feature no straps in the front or back, so you can wear them depending on the style. Strapless maxis also tend to be lightweight and flowy, making them comfortable to wear all day long.

Relaxed Maxi Dresses: If you’re looking for an easy-going yet stylish outfit for a day at the beach or pool, opt for a relaxed maxidress. These styles are usually loose-fitting with a comfortable throughout the measurement.

What Should You Look for in a Maxi Dress?

When shopping for a maxi dress, you’ll want to keep some key things in mind. First and foremost, make sure that the maxi is versatile enough to wear both at home and on the go. If you’re looking for something specific to wear to a summer wedding, for example, steer clear of maxi dresses with tight skirts; they’ll be too restrictive for an outdoor gathering.

While most maxi dresses fall between sizes 2 and 4, it’s best to go up a size if you’re worried about being too snug or too loose. You can also choose a maxi dress in a different style or color if one you like doesn’t fit quite right—you can never have too many options when it comes to fashion!

When it comes to fabrics, cotton is always a good option because it’s breathable and easy to care for. Silk and chiffon are two other high-end materials that work well in maxis; however, they can be more difficult (and expensive) to dry clean. In the end, it’s important to find something that you love and feel confident wearing—maxi dresses are all about expression after all!

How to Wear a Maxi Dress?

If you’re considering purchasing a maxi dress, here are a few things to keep in mind before making your purchase. 

First, determine what type of maxi dress you want. There are floor-length maxi dresses, shorter ones that end just below the knee, and approximately knee-length and even mini versions. Next, think about how formal or informal you want the look to be. A floor-length maxi dress can be worn at a formal affair such as a wedding or special event, while a shorter version might be more suitable for an afternoon tea or weekend getaway. 

For additional style advice, consider what kind of accessories you would like to wear with your chosen maxi dress. Earrings, necklaces, and clutch bags go great with both short and long versions of maxis; however, it’s important to note that some fabrics (like tulle) will show creases in jewelry if worn excessively close to the skin. If you have any questions about what kinds of pieces work best with specific maxis, reach out to your favorite fashionista for inspiration! 

Once you have decided on the style and accessory options that suit you best, it’s time to shop for your dream maxi dress! Maxis come in many different prices points and styles; so whether you’re looking for something conservatively elegant or something edgy and trendy, there is likely a perfect option for you


Buying a maxi dress is a great way to show off your curves and wear something stylish and comfortable at the same time. When looking for a maxi dress, it is important to consider your body type and how you want the dress to fit. For example, if you have deeper arms or thighs, then you might want to choose a shorter maxi dress that falls just below your knee. If you have hourglass-like curves, then opting for a longer maxi dress that drapes elegantly off of your body might be more suitable. In addition to considering your body type, it is also important to find the right size for the maxi dress you are interested in buying. Some dresses come in one size and others come in multiple sizes so it is important to take into account what size model would fit best on you. Once all of these factors are considered, shopping for a maxi dress can be fun and exciting!